IUCN NL and reNature selected for Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s ‘Green Support to SDGP-Projects' Assignment, Focusing on Climate and Biodiversity Impact.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) selected IUCN NL and reNature for the assignment titled ‘Green Support to SDGP-Projects’. The objective of the assignment is to increase knowledge on climate and biodiversity and to identify opportunities within the SDGP portfolio to enhance their impact on climate and biodiversity. This initiative is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is a crucial step towards addressing urgent global challenges.

The SDG Partnership Facility (SDGP) of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, operational since 2018, is vital in realizing the Dutch agenda for aid, trade, and investment. It is a vehicle for Dutch efforts to achieve several of the SDGs. One of the core themes is climate, aligning with SDG 13 – Climate Action.

One of the methods to contribute to implementing the SDGs is to work through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) - consortia comprising at least one Dutch partner, one partner from the target country, one company, one NGO or knowledge institution, and one public partner. The aim of PPPs is to encourage economic development through market-oriented investment. The SDGP portfolio currently consists of 34 PPPs in various countries. Each project in the portfolio is different; activities, value chains and geographies vary. 

Climate Action and Biodiversity Focus

Recognizing the importance of urgent action on climate change, IUCN NL and reNature underscore the significance of climate action within the SDGP framework. Many of the PPPs focus on agriculture, where the impact of climate change is profound. The emphasis on both climate adaptation and mitigation is crucial, with climate mitigation deserving increased attention.

The attention to biodiversity, highlighted by the European Green Deal and EU Biodiversity Strategy 2023, is equally critical. Biodiversity loss risks food security, climate change, and ecological stability. While not a priority cross-cutting theme in SDGP, biodiversity is pivotal for PPPs focusing on sustainable and climate-resilient food production systems.

Screening for Success

In response to the RVO's call, IUCN NL and reNature proposed a comprehensive two-year action plan. This includes identifying innovative opportunities, organizing stakeholder meetings, and strengthening knowledge through webinars and workshops for. The expert team of IUCN NL and reNature will screen the 34 PPPs projects and select those with the highest potential for success.  

Knowledge transfer

IUCN NL and reNature can call upon the specific expertise of Prof. Dr. Ben Sonneveld (Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies of the VU University Amsterdam) for the knowledge generation component.

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Maxime Eiselin [IUCN NL]



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About IUCN NL and reNature

IUCN NL is the Dutch branch of the international union for nature conservation IUCN, the world's largest union for nature conservation. IUCN unites the experience, knowledge and network of more than 1,400 governments, civil society organizations, knowledge institutions and over 15,000 experts. IUCN NL forms the Dutch National Committee, the platform of IUCN's Dutch member organizations. Our goal is to safeguard nature as the basis for all life on earth. We pay special attention to areas of high natural value and special biodiversity that are under pressure, and to the people who depend on that nature.

reNature offers comprehensive services to advance regenerative agriculture (RA) practices and promote sustainable development. With their international team of project managers, experts, agronomists, and regenerative agriculture practitioners, reNature work impacts thousands of farmers and their communities, primarily in the Global South.

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