reNature Foundation welcomes new treasurer.

As of January 1st, reNature Foundation welcomes Amanda Francisco da Silva, ESG & Sustainability Senior Consultant at EY, the Netherlands, as its new treasurer. She takes over the role from Nick Matulessy who joined the board in 2019.

Amanda Francisco da Silva is a biologist by BSc graduation with a MSc on Environmental Sciences, with specialization in Environmental Policy by Wageningen University & Research, with more than +9 years of working experience.

Back in Brazil, Amanda worked with Regulatory & Governmental Affairs in the Agribusiness sector for about 6 years, having a local and global position. Amanda’s transition to a career fully dedicated to sustainability kicked-off with her move to the Netherlands and her MSc studies at Wageningen University. Once graduated, she provided different companies with tools & strategies in reaching a better sustainability & circularity performance. Currently, Amanda is a ESG & Sustainability Senior Consultant at EY NL with focus on developing sustainable supply chains.

Amanda is an advocate for the use of regenerative practices as a business force in promoting resilient food systems across global supply chains. She has applied know-how in agricultural/tropical commodity supply chains, sustainable sourcing, multi-stakeholders platforms, regulatory & compliance, system thinking, circular economy, consumer products and living wages.

Amanda’s graduation at Wageningen University is an important component of her expertise in bridging innovation and businesses models.

Why reNature?

“For me, reNature is a symbol of radically better times to come, by making regeneration our task across business models, supply chains, societies, and our natural environment.

Not differently, I was always triggered by the possibility of making positive impact. Positive impact to the planet, to food systems, to unfair supply chains, to nature, to land use, to marginalized smallholders, to women, to children. If the life of a single person is transformed, this is already impactful enough. reNature gives the possibility of making it exponentially bigger, by bringing regeneration to the table as the new normal. More than that, its positive impacts can be translated by the wellbeing of people in the global south and the health of our planet.  

Overall, being part of reNature means a breakthrough step in my personal and professional development. Once you have chosen to dedicate your life to building a better planet, your personal goals don’t differ from your professional ones anymore. And together, we can shake the system from a future view of scarcity by a reality increasingly characterized by abundance.

Last but not least, this is part of a bigger dream to be a drop in the ocean in this huge challenge of making Earth a better and equitable place for all.”

Growing organization

Amanda is taking over the treasurer role from Nick Matulessy who was on the board of reNature Foundation since 2019. With Nick's contribution, reNature has made visible growth and professionalization. At the time Nick joined the board, reNature's focus was only to promote regenerative agriculture and agroforestry. Today, the foundation is responsible for realizing 11 projects worldwide. The full list of activities can be found on

We are happy to have Amanda Francisco da Silva on board for her experience in agriculture, social involvement, and Brazilian roots. Chris van den Haak, Partner BDO.

About reNature:

Stichting reNature (reNature Foundation) is a Dutch non-profit registered under RSIN: 858367142 and Dossier: 70542139 at the Chamber of Commerce, Amsterdam. reNature Foundation promotes regenerative agriculture and agroforestry to help farmers making the transition to nature-based agriculture. 

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