Carbon credits meet Agroforestry.

A partnership between ALLCOT and reNature.

ALLCOT Group and reNature Foundation signed an agreement to generate carbon credits from Agroforestry projects located above all in Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia. 

Carbon credits have always been dialoguing mainly with reforestation programs, but now it’s time to give Agroforestry a chance. Since Agriculture is the major driver of depletion of natural resources worldwide, ALLCOT & reNature is now teaming up to show the science and economical viability of shifting to a more sustainable way of producing food and raw materials.

Agroforestry prevents slash and burn methods and restores the natural balance between water, air, soil and biodiversity, bringing back ‘nature’ in farming. Mixed planting systems like agroforestry have a much higher carbon capture levels than monocrop systems.

The goal of reNature Foundation is to restore 1.000.000 million hectares of degraded land worldwide through by 2030. Allcot is the perfect partner to reach that goal  Felipe Villela, co-founder of reNature

reNature Foundation help farmers, companies and industries to change their commodity production method to a Regenerative Agroforestry system. Instead of growing one single crop like corn or cocoa that needs high quantities of water and inputs, and just exhausts the soil, they teach farmers how to grow multiple types of crops together that support and strengthen each other as well as improving the condition of the soil. ReNature exchanges knowledge, designs, and implements economical viable model farms. 

I am delighted with this synergy. I think that to support agroforestry is essential nowadays if we want to reach ODS and the Paris Agreement Alexis L. Leroy, CEO & Founder of ALLCOT

Established in 2009, ALLCOT is a leader in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management tools and strategies for businesses of all sizes. The services offered by Allcot include the development of GHG emissions offsetting, measurement and the development of emissions reduction strategies.

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